Thursday, June 19, 2014

The 99% Movement

The 99 Percent Movement

We all think about how the economy is in a spiral in the wrong direction. There are many people who look at the 99% is the support of the 1%,this has been an issue for awhile. People have stepped forward in taking a stand against the 1% owning at least 40 percent of the nations wealth; surely people will soon gather together and revolt. People are against the idea of the 1 percent who owns so much yet pays back so little; there are people in different states taking a stand. People have been told there is no alternative to the economic system and they begin to think there is something very wrong with this picture...
     Of course we all want a well being for all and not riches for only a select few- so what are we to do? Many people have become activists and they were then taken upon economists who teach them the way of the economy to give it a little more fight. People are fighting for those in poverty and who are struck with the useless system that seems to only help out a certain few. Then we look at how the war is funded but then look at our hospitals that are falling apart, our school systems declining, and many other important figures that don't seem to stand a chance. There are people who lose their jobs over time and while having the job that they had they were taxed but now what of it. There are many different flaws in this and there are people who are fighting to have everything equal. 

We need to take a good look at the big picture. There are people who make maybe 200 million who pay less than 20 percent of their taxes. They do pay a portion but this is basically seen as the "eye of the beholder" whether its fair or not. It is mostly seen that the rich do receive special treatment and there are many people who are ready to revolt on the subject. When there is special treatment this does take a toll on the education system funding, defense, social programs, etc. It's almost like in Hazlitt's where the producers and the consumers want to see what's "fair" in prices when buying an item. People want to see that the rich pay more in taxes, they do not want to be the support when it comes to being taxed and they have a low paying job. Everyone wants everything to be fair, but that is not always the case. There has been times when things have been tough price fixing was involved so that people could afford the item. Then there is the problem with supply and demand so then the item goes up to where no one wants to buy it anymore except those who can afford it. There are many sides to the 99% but the most commonly thing we hear is "We are the 99%" 

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