Friday, June 20, 2014

Texas VA run like a ‘Crime Syndicate’ claims Whistleblower

In the recent times, scandals have become the order of the day. In Texas, the Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital had institutionalized the issue of manipulating the hospitals waiting lists for many years. According to, immense complaints were received and the VA inspector general launched an immediate investigation (Durden). Despite thorough investigations, no person was put behind bars for such malpractices. Within the public domain, it is true that something was wrong and required immediate action from the government. However, the hospital went ahead to receive an award and showing how the discord among the top leadership can mess good policies on the ground.
            In the above case, public policy seems to be violated by the same leaders who are supposed to formulate and ensure that they are implemented for the benefit of the public. Hazlitt posits that bad economists are good at manipulating the public, which is the case in the VA hospital scandal (6). However, to address this issue there is the need for the good economists to come out and prove the bad economists instead of complaining about the existence of such economists. Through public engagement, good economists will carry the day in showing the public the effects of bad policies and thus help them realize the importance of having policies that are long term in nature.

            With an educated public, it is easier for the good economists to convince the public on the advantages of creating long-term policies that considers their concerns. However, for purposes of addressing the VA hospital scandal, there is the need for an immediate policy to be set with the view to looking at all the messes done by the top management and formulating a long-term policy based on the report of an independent commission findings on the issues facing the hospital. It is crucial to note that, bad policies exist because of public ignorance as well as the selfishness of the leaders to accumulate power and wealth. The public has the power influence the decisions made by public institutions especially over malpractices committed by any senior of junior officers. 

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