Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rising Gas Prices Influences

The Economic Benefit of Rising Gas Prices

We take a look at how gas prices rise over time.We all shudder at the fact that we may hit $4 shortly. Commuters are having problems with paying for the gas so they try to find alternatives to shopping, finding sources of substances(Meaning food), and etc. There are more people who are shopping online for furniture, clothes, and other things that they could get in a store but choose to not waste gas to get to the store to purchase the item, then drive home. People have found different ways to save money and still do the things that they enjoy.The article makes a statement the only people who benefit from the gas prices raising is the person who owns the oil or a person who owns stock in the oil. 

   There are some flaws in this article because yes because of the rise of the gas prices, online shopping and other sources have prospered. Then there is the fact that more people who will be working at home if given a choice. Then the oil industry will be hurting and there will not be enough income, as hard as that may seem. Then when given the chance and they become more popular- prices may raise on the internet. Also the delivery cost could rise; this will be good for UPS or any other delivery service. Gas prices have always been an issue on our society, people become upset when they see the gas price raise each day. There are so many different industry's that are affected by the rise of gas prices. 
     We then look at the fact at who it influences. The consumers are screwed. They need gas to get to work to make the money that will then be put back in the car to get them to that job to make that money. There are more people who are buying bikes or running shoes so they can go to work comfortably along with at a cheaper rate.  Knowing our economy and the people who live in this Country, the answer is plain and simple, we love our cars too much. I am guilty- I'm lazy and it gets me where I need to go, it's just an extra cost. This article is pretty two sided in the good and bad. 


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