Thursday, June 26, 2014

Moms Getting Paid Less than Dads

When I was exploring the web, I had come across a very interesting article about women being paid less due to their “ability to work”. I found this extremely intriguing mostly because I have never thought about women being discriminated against by the wage they are receiving verses men. There had been research conducted stating that for every dollar that fathers are being paid mothers only make 69 cents. This seems almost unlawful.  Hazlitt and Block both explored unfair pay, discrimination, and minimum wage but they never touched point on mother to father.
                In this generation is it most common for both the mother and father to work in order to fully support your family, although it is becoming harder and harder for mothers to find jobs. Now in situations where you have a single mother, how is this individual supposed to raise a family on one salary. They simply cannot, this requires them to work several jobs at once. 

                We have always seen discrimination in women verses men, but not as commonly mothers verses fathers. This is an epidemic that needs to be stopped, we have worked so hard to achieve means end and avoid the majority of discrimination, why would we go back to those times, fair wage is necessary for all individuals of all lifestyles. 

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