Thursday, May 10, 2007


In certain countries smoking can be considered part of the culture, some 30% of Spaniards smoke. It is right for government to take that away. In January of 2006, the government of Spain made it illegal smoke in the workplace. They have also restricted smoking in certain bars and public locations. Is this a violation of our liberty?

I really don’t like the concept that other can take rights from you. It really comes down to the question what are your rights and what is not. If direct harm is being inflicted upon you or your property then you have the right to retaliation. Conclusive evidence has been provided saying second hand smoke causes health damage. Is it the place of the government to use coercion to prevent second hand smoke in public areas? If the population actually votes to remove smoking from public areas, because of health and lifestyle issues, I can not disagree with that. I do think lines do need to be drawn on where the government can and can not intervene. When it comes down to inflicting physical harm on others the choice is obvious, however, its not that easy. Many people feel that smoking is their right and should not be taken from them. It comes down the perspective of the citizen.

Being a non smoker it is easy for me to say that it is the right of the majority to ban smoking from designated areas. If second hand smoke really causes harm to individuals then from a liberty standpoint I can recommend this use of coercion.

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