Thursday, May 03, 2007

Creation of a New Constituion

It has been disussed in a recent lecture as to the validity and meaning of the United States Constitution. The Supreme Court of the United States presently has the ability to make final decisions regarding the enforcement of our Constitution. I feel this why we have the ability to amend the the Constitution as required. The fact is nine judges have the ability to manipulate and rule on the wording of our constitution does not give the document any enforceable right. All lawyers, judges and law professionals have their separate beliefs on how law is interpreted. They routinely research case laws, statutes and rulings to see how the law can be determined.

In the recent ruling (2005) by the Supreme Court on the Kelo Case, this took interpretation of "Public Use" to a new extreme. The wording of the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution was not taken literally rather was "interpreted". I'm not on board that we should abolish or rewrite the United States Constitution. I would suggest that make the wording more concrete so that we do not get caught up in the interpretation of what is actually meant. It would not be very popular or wise to redraft a founding principle in the creation of the United States, yet it would be bested suite us to clarify the meaning so that decisions on our liberties are based on the true meaning.

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