Thursday, May 03, 2007

Political "Truth"?

I often read the editorial sections of our fine newspapers in the State of Colorado. In reading a recent editorial in the Denver Post it struck a nerve with me regarding the inefficiencies of the United States government. This article was directed at presidential candidate John Edwards response on funding for a universal health care plan. His blunt description of how this would be funded was through tax increases on the wealthy and corporations. These components of our economy are the ones that fuel growth spending in our country. Furthermore, the consumer will ultimately feel the pressure in the form of higher prices. This article stressed that this is a reduction in individual freedom through tax increases.

In my eyes the United States government spends to much for to little in return. I do believe in defense spending and police protection, yet much spending is wasteful and does not provide benefits to society as a whole. I agree with this that we need to define the real purpose of government as set forth in our constitution. This trim down will lead to less government spending and lower taxes for Americans. This in turn will provide individual liberties to the consumer.

Do I believe that tax increases for the rich is the only option to explore in establishing a universal healtcare system for the United States - NO. We need to lower government spending across the board and let free market conditions bear the weight of our economy. I do not agree with John Edwards plan, but his straight-talking approach said what people needed to hear. The Truth!

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