Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bring on the gas guzzler!

With the economy doing so bad, we have to look at the good things that also come with it. Lower gas prices! I was driving on union down towards Platte today and I saw gas prices as low as $2.27 that's like a dollar cheaper than 6 months ago. I remembered when it cost me like over $30 to fill up my tank and now it's like $10 less so I'm happy. And since we live in a state where almost every other car is an SUV or Truck or some other kind or gas guzzler, I'm sure they are all ecstatic too. I know this helps me out alot especially since I work in the restaurant industry and not many people are willing to go out these days. And if you don't own one of these guzzlers, I'm sure you can find one cheap now seeing how the auto industry is taking a big hit like most other industries

So I'm debating whether I should fill up my tank now or wait and see if it can get any lower...

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