Monday, April 30, 2007

Constitution not respected

Is it right for the current president to not respect the Constitution? It is not right for the president to make a firing of eight attorneys because they were not in cahoots with Bush. In a recent speech done by former presidential candidate Barack Obama he states the Bush does not respect the Constitution. This is absolutely absurd to have our current president not even respecting the document that hold this country together. The constitution are rules that have been established along with principles that govern an organization or political entity. The constitution guarantees right s to people, and for the president to not respect that is ridiculous. The president uses his coercive power to get rid of eight attorneys which can backfire and make this country worse off. The reasoning behind the firing of these attorneys was mainly do to the fact that they were not on Bush's side. This is unconstitutional to do by the president which is also the reason why it is said that he doesn't respect our constitution. Obama has made efforts to rally up people to get the truth out there. If our own president can not respect the constitution then why should we respect him.

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Larry Eubanks said...

I can't agree with your assessment with respect to firing attorneys. My understanding is that these attorneys "serve at the pleasure of the President." As such, it seems to me "at the pleasure" means the President has the power to fire attorneys for any reason.

If my understanding is correct, then wouldn't a person who wanted to make a political issue out of the firings of "at the pleasure" employees be the one, perhaps, lacking respect for our constitutional system of governance?