Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Appeal to force

Is it justified that an Army Ranger take an order form an officer to with hold information about a specific incident that occurred. The case dealing with the friendly fire case of a former solider had a situation that dealt with the appeal to force. The soldier was threatened that if he did not give false information then he would get in trouble. This is an example of an appeal to force brought upon by some person of higher rank. When the information was revealed to President Bush he made no reference to the idea that it may have been friendly fire even though it was suggested to him. The government violated its most basic responsibility in that in order to make a better story parts of the incident were left out. The government used its coercion to neglect the fact that the truth was being avoided in order to protect people. The least the government could do is inform the family what had really happened. The military instead of telling the truth about what had actually happened was to make up a story that was unreasonable to give the death a sense of heroic efforts, rather than a friendly fire death. The appeal to force or the use of governments coercion is unjust in the sense that when used to make a story be portrayed as a lie is wrong and there should be legal action taken by the government.

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