Monday, October 02, 2006

Illegal Immigration Can Boost The Economy

Illegal Mexican immigrants would provide a quick fix to America’s future economic woes. And probably in more ways than obvious upon first glance. For instance, giving illegal aliens the right to work, play, and travel would open up opportunities for them to spend money - on airline tickets, auto-insurance, home loans, bank accounts, and taxes. In addition this cheap and effective work force would continue to provide America with the source of manpower that has otherwise left American businesses skirting illegal hiring procedures.

On the other hand would a newly legalized demographic pose a threat to American society - a society built on puritanical and European cultural understanding? Would these hard-working individuals demand more from their employers once their rights have been solidified by law? Will the English language be assailed by a Mexican majority?

An answer of “yes” to any of these questions leaves much analysis out of the equation. The US Government is obliged to balance the economic outfall of any decision against an open border policy. And to do this requires more than just a xenophobic and short-sighted view of those that have come to America seeking a better life.

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