Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Endangered prairie dogs

In the past three years the Bush administration has rejected recomendations on how to help the Endangered Species Act. The past U.S. presidents have done alot more in terms of emiting animails into the Endangered Species Act. For example Clinton listed 512 species as endangered compared to the 56 species that Bush has listed. There are many species that are on the edge of being extinct such as the white-tailed prairie dog. In documents talking about endangered species there has been a tremendous amount of economic and social implications for people. Over the past 30 years there has been about 25 species that have been removed from the endangered/protection list. This is a definite problem in 30 years we have only fixed the endangerment problem for only about 25 animals or plants then there has to be some changes made. The big endangerment problem is continuing to grow with the expansion of economic development. Julie MacDonald had pushed for the protection of the white-tailed prairie dog that the even if the protection came about as a not-warranted listing. The deputy assistant secretary of the interior for fish and wildlife and parks, Julie MacDonald, has made several accusations towards scientists that appear to be not business relatated but instead causing a systematic problem of tampering with science that is putting our envoironment at risk.

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