Monday, May 01, 2006

Market for used tires?

When I went to price out new tires, for my new truck, I came across an additional cost in the purchase that I had not accounted for. The cost was titled "environmental disposal fee" and said nothing more. I went to the company's website and found out that they have a link to an explaination of said fee. The explaination is as follows:

"Environmental fees are state-mandated charges applied when you purchase new tires.
In many states, the funds raised by the collection of environmental fees go towards research and development on recycling worn out tires as an option to placing them in landfills. You may not know this, but materials reclaimed from old tires are used to power electrical plants, stop erosion in watersheds, assist in the drainage of golf courses and greenbelts, and can even be used in the construction of new homes."

To which I said inefficient!! If the market can find a value for the disposal services of tires, why then would the state mandate a fee associated with disposal. Why aren't they paying me for disposal of tires, if after all they are valuable. Its this type of policy that makes me wish politicians should be required to have a degree in econmics.

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