Monday, May 15, 2006


The fuel, renewable and more environmentally freidnly than gasoline is already being used as a gas additive, replacing another additive that was found to pollute groundwater. The result: a squeeze on supplies that has doubled ehtanol's wholesale price, to $2.75 a gallo. With corn prices low and gas prices high ethanol's profit margin per gallon is at a record of more than $1. Last years energy bill requires gas marketers to sell at least 4 billion gallons of ehtnaol-blended fuel this year. Investors in ethanol plants will find themselves at the mercy of tow commmodity cycles: corn and gas. Corn prices over the next six years are likely to rise and ehtnaol rprices to fall resulting in a 25% drop in producers profits. What is the promise of ehtnaol replacing gas? WEll the likelyhood of this replacing gas is highly unlikely but the use of gas E85 which consists of 85% ehtanol would create better burning vehicles and less emissions, but in contrast will get worse mielage and become costlier in the end.

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BayuFA said...

A product that has been in use for ten years but not available to the general puplic.

I believe every test has been done to this product as far as fuels are concerned but more are on the way for hydraulics.

Hey just to let you know that yes I am promoting this but if you dont want to save at the pump then dont go to the site but I believe no matter who you are gas is just to expensive.

The goverment is using it and many other huge company's. This is not just some fly by night company or product. This is the real deal.

I just finished my own personal auto test and my wifes dodge caravan was getting 16 miles and now getting 24 with the first tank.

My chevy truck was getting ten miles to the gallon and now I am getting 14. WOW! They even gaurentee that if it does not work for you to send the rest back for a full refund.