Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A call to ation for clean air

Air pollution is taking its effect on those both healthy and sensitive people. Even with low levels of pollution there is still an adverse effect on people. With air being the most vital resource to all living species we need to find a better way to keep it cleaner. In the Atlatnta region the smog problem has reached one of the worst in the country. The last time that this region has passed the federal air quality standard was in 2004. This past year in 2005 the city had 17 red smog days. Over half of the population in Georgia is breathing unhealthy air. Georgia's childrenwith asthma recive 28 million dollars in health care a year and on some days are not allowed to be outside for an extended period of time due to the pollution. Everytime we turn on a light or start our car we are using energy which produces pollution. One way that we can try and reduce these problems is to try and drive less and keep lights turned off in rooms that are not being used. This may only help with some of the problems but we also need to use our technilogical advancements to reduce the big contributers to the pollution like smokestacks. Although air pollution is a big issue i do not think that the problem is by itself causing heart disease, asthma, and lung problems. These problems may be enhanced by the effects of air pollution but do they really cause the problem itself? We are approaching a dangerous abundance of the number of polluting gases which in turn is increasing global warming. These issues need to be resolved or we will see a decrese in life expectency.

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