Monday, June 03, 2013

Discounted Dental Insurance?

There is a new dental program making itself heard in parts of California called Brighter.  Brighter's goal is to charge very little or nothing at all for dental insurance to make it more affordable to the hundreds of thousands of people who don't have dental insurance. To still produce income, their plan is to charge the employees to list their services online.  The discounts range from 20-30% discounts with no charge, to 60% plus with a small annual fee.

What it does not cover is how this effect the people who already have secure jobs and dental insurance.  It does not cover whether we will have to pay taxes on this new program.  It also is concerning that unless there is any other competition out there, it will soon be monopolized and will in turn become a market failure. 

I did not think to add the link until I already closed the browser, but it is called Brighter Dental Program. 

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