Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stability In Government

Initially, assuming stability in a government over the long haul may be practical, but it can close off your mind to the possibility of not being the superpower. If the leading thinkers of any nation, the nations own inherent supremacy, then it is likely they will overlook the problems and issues, which need to be solved.
Today America is suffering from this very problem. We have assumed since the Cold War that the U.S.'s place as the worlds only true superpower and that we have the moral and leadership authority to act in almost any way we choose for the best interest of the world. Conversely we never knew how powerful we were on the international stage and failed to plan, internally, for the road ahead. The nations infrastructure is in desperate need to be fixed, we have lived to long assuming fossil fuels will be here forever rather than finding an alternative, and finally that our education and medical systems are the best in the world so there was no need to constantly improve them. Secondly, assumptions about the future or about the long-term inherent intellectual superiority of a country's leaders will usually only lead them to disappointment.

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