Saturday, November 22, 2008

Leave god out of it.

It is not secret to us Economists that interest groups use governments coercive power to force others to do or not do something. There are many active interest groups in Washington, but there is one interest group in particular disguised as something benevolent that is seeking--and has been seeking for some time-- to infrindge on all of our civil liberties. I am talking of course of the extreme right wing, god loving christians, who feel that they need to honor god by not buying alcohol or cars on Sunday and therefore nobody else should be able to either. As humans, we tend to have a short attention span but it was only last July that the Law banning alcohol sales--above 3.2%-- was repealed. Alcohol sales are still prohibited in grocery stores, every day of the week and automobile sales remain illegal on Sundays in Colroado. I wonder how much potential revenue has been lost over the years by forcing liquor stores and car lots to stay closed on Sunday. For those of us not looking at a Calender, thats 1/7th of the week and 1/2 of the weekend. Its funny to me that the stereotypical god loving christian is a republian. And republicans tend to be the ones who are in favor of free markets, and yet it is the people in favor of free markets (for the most part) that are choking the life out of the economy by restricing markets.
All I can say is, I'm glad people have started looking towards reason and rationality instead of a devine power to better their lives. If the owners of liquor stores wanted to have one day off a week they could still close their doors on Sunday....I have yet to find a liquor store closed on Sunday since the law was repealed last july.
Personally, if you want to believe in god thats great, but god is not an economist so lets leave him out of economic issues.

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