Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Theories: Swiss cheese is better than none?

As far as the banking status of our economy where is our starting point? Are we able to find this starting point just like the writers we have spoke of such as Locke and Rothbard? Who cares which politicians knew better and didn't do anything or those that should have predicted this banking status. Barney Frank, rep of house, setting aside some of his personal news in the 90's, said something that I thought was kind of dissapointing when he thought that he and others( not sure who he meant) would work on these regulations next year to banks so that this action wouldn't be repeated. 'Perhaps changing regulations shouldn't be the first priority, but I think these regulations that formed particular incentives for these CEO's and associates, should be analyzed and replaced. I think the government's first priority should be to reduce the risk by subsidies from the government to REDUCE banks burden in exchange for those banks that have advisors enabled to work with thier customers with the concequence of minmal or no funding of the government without cooperation. Now, I know that not all banks have advisors, but they still have employees that have sold patrons the arms loan to. The problem still is whether these advisors would actually take up the challange or have the ability to do so, I am not sure. The problem with government advisors stepping in to replace variable rates to fixed rates may have thier own conflict of interest even in the midst of our economic status.

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