Tuesday, November 06, 2007

High cost for Environmentalism

Today in class we discussed the importance of the environment to many in the class. Our discussion seemed to also bring some skepticism to the global warming information presented.

As I have mentioned before, I subscribe to Bruce Yandle's theory of Bootleggers and Baptists. He has written a paper discussing this theory with regards to the environment, in particular the Kyoto Protocol. Thinking about what Yandle mentions about carbon trading and other "trading" occurring because of the treaty got me thinking about how many of my fellow classmates will be willing to pay more for reducing global climate change. Since it will be governments "trading" with one another to satisfy the protocol, and the governments will need to have revenue in order to make some of the arrangements, taxes will need to increase.

So my question for my fellow students is this: How much are you willing to pay to reduce "climate change". And, according to the link I have to Environmental Economics, which states that more than half did not pay anything for the album, how will they feel when they have to pay for my share, should I choose not to pay. What if you don't agree with all of the policy the government, are you still going to pa the tax?

Just a thought.

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