Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Navajos vs. Enviornmentalists

If there was one group in America that you think would be concerned about the environment it would be the Native Americans. Yet, it is the Navajos that are promoting the building of a new bigger better coal-fired power plant on reservation land.They say that it will bring in over $50 million, produce hundreds of jobs and better lives for the 200,000 people that live in the reservation.
The construction of this plant is not going up without opposition. Everyone from the Sierra Club to the Governor of New Mexico has something to say about this plant. They say that it will emit the same amount of carbon dioxide and 1.5 million cars.
Should the plant be built? I think that it should be. Yes, it is going to be bigger and thereby emitting more carbon dioxide but the new plant will be cleaner and more efficient than the old plant. Even if they do not build a new plant the old plant will still be running emitting the same amount of carbon dioxide and burning coal less efficiently. Not building the plant is not a solution to eliminating green house gases. The same gases are going to be emitted with the old factory. The Navajos that live on the reservation are going to be directly effected by this plant and if they see that it is worth it and are willing to take the trade offs then they should build the plant.

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