Sunday, September 17, 2006

hunting endangered species will save them??

Bet you never would have thought that was possible.... but there is already in place a system that uses, hunters and the money they, generate to directly help with conservation in ways the federal government and taxpayer weren’t willing or able to do. The system allows the laws of economics to create a financial situation which benefits the endangered wildlife. Remember scarcity breeds value!!! And what better than an endangered product!!!!
So as a solution to the problem of endangerment we need to find market failure or at least the missing valuation equation and make it right. If the problem is chemicals get rid of the offending chemical. If its habitat provide habitat. Seems simple!!! Well it is, but paying for the solution is a whole different story... .. .using any solution that pays for needed habitat, and that pays to change business and consumer chemical usage is not likely if the marginal cost is too high. So who is going to pay??? I guess we do if we want to protect a species.
We all have great faith in the system and we have trust that in absence of externality the market will succeed in creating optimal situation. So why not use market forces rather than tax payer dollars. As I said the best product to sell is a scarce one. I found a radio show that explains an innovative solution to this problem of raising funds .It is a 12 minute segment and I think its worth listening to .It is great way to use governments force to save taxpayer dollars and save a species . It sells permits to kill endangered species and therefore save them. Little counter intuitive but it is and has been an effective method to fund conservation.
The permits are limited in number so they sell for an extraordinary price.
$69,000 to kill 1 big horn sheep!!!!!! This in turn pays for the workers and the program budget the program then employs people to provide water sources for the sheep feed in extreme winters and security from poachers etc. The workers are less likely to be corrupt in that their lively hood is what they are protecting their entire income revolves around the sheep..
This is akin to the border of Mexico idea of giving 1 million dollars to 5 generals in Mexico to be paid annually at end of year to protect 1/5 of the border from illegal immigration. The cash is reduced by 10k every time an immigrant is caught crossing to the USA. This gives powerful incentive to the generals to police the border themselves and ends up costing us taxpayers 5 million to protect border rather than the hundreds of millions we currently spend.. Currently Mexico has little incentive to prevent crossing . This internalizes the costs of illegal immigration, and it’s the same with this species protection program . It internalizes the costs of letting a species die off . It helps the situation at a much lower cost to the government..

It’s truly a great idea...

It may be hard to implement with less desirable species but it is a start. And it is the kind of outside the box thinking that’s needed to solve the externalities we face economically with endangered species..

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