Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Global warming in 2005

Global warming is becoming a bigger issue, as temperatures for 2005 reached an all time high. Out of the last 25 years, 19 of the hottest 20 years have occured which is showing a constant rise in temperatures and global warming. This record heat in 2005 is due to the longtem warming by the rise of heat-trapping gases in our atmosphere. The major factors to this rise in heat trapping gases is burning fossil fuels and clearing forests. Some other indications that we are experiencing warming of the atmosphere and oceans, and the increased melting of ice and snow. In a recent report on "U.S. emissions found that 2004 marked the highest annual total of heat-trapping gases released since record keeping began in 1990. The amount of snow cover has been declining over the past three decades. From the last half centry the ocean water temperatures have been warmed by 0.067 degrees Farenheit. Also over the past few decades the oceans have absorbed 14.5 Btu (British thermal units) , the continents 0.9 Btu and the atmosphere 0.7 Btu. The melting of snow and ice plus the warming of the oceans over the past couple decades has resulted in the rise of the sea level. The global warming effect is due to a variety of factors which includes humand-produced heat-trapping emissions and natural causes. We have the technological advances to increase energy efficiency, reduce the emissions from our energy and land use, and secure quality of life for future generations. If we dont cure this problem now it will continue to haunt us and those in future generations. http://www.ucsusa.org/global_warming/

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