Friday, February 17, 2006

generating plant and time induced media bias

The media blurb V.S. Reality,
In response to in class discussion about coal plant and mine.

Our knowledge was based entirely on a short blurb in an NPR broadcast the other day. Then I decided do a little research, I had a suspicion that there was more to the story! I decided to flesh out the idea a little, a little work goes a long way in less than an hour I found that there was more to the story and in a couple hours I found an audio clip of the same topic with more content. I found that the shut down had a very large number of variables. There was more to the story. It seems that the benefit and the cost was spread over many parties and the outcomes are going to be tightly intertwined with politics. The people who gained and the people who lost were in many more areas than I thought. I believe that we are going to have a hard time sorting a national energy policy if we don’t take all the factors we can into our model. The audio clip link here is a good 5 minute listen and worth it as it seems to flesh out the topic well I found a ton of text but this seems to cover more than any one article I have found. And you will remember our professor asking where the additional power-generating burden went which plant picked up the slack? That info I haven’t found. So keep an eye out.

I also found some other clips I think this is the one (I don’t have broad band at home so I cant check) that was our original source of knowledge for the event. You will see how darn narrow the focus and how biased it is. One thing I have grown to count on is the blurb factor. All our easily consumed news is so condensed there is only time for one position on a subject. They cant make a short segment flow properly if they try and show more facets of an issue. The media is in capable of holding our attention for very long so we are treated to really short very one-sided stories. Because to avoid boredom they dumb down and rapid-fire news at us so we are entertained enough to keep listening. I wish there was a back-story or a link for every blurb that lead to a complete story with more information on each side. I see it occasionally.

But for our national policy it seems that if we go into too fine of detail we will loose sight of the bigger macro picture. But as we step back it would be wise to keep the complicated interconnectedness of the economy and the environment in mind as we make a national policy.
Hope this helps in the paper

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