Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bush Energy Vision

Yahoo! News:
"In Bush's vision, drivers will stop at hydrogen stations and fill their fuel-cell cars with the pollution-free fuel. Or they would power their engines with ethanol made from trash or corn. More Americans would run their lights at home on solar power.

Bush has been talking about these ideas since his first year in office. Proposals aimed at spreading the use of ethanol, hydrogen and renewable fuels all were part of the energy bill that he signed into law in August, but that hasn't eased Americans' worries about high fuel prices.

Americans were hit with the biggest jump in energy prices in 15 years in 2005, and worries about the cost of gas and heating oil have damped spirits about the economy despite other recent encouraging signs.

Add in the unrest in the Middle East, and energy becomes a major problem for the president to address Tuesday night.

'I agree with Americans who understand being hooked on foreign oil as an economic problem and a national security problem,' Bush said in a recent interview with CBS.

Eight in 10 Americans surveyed earlier this month by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press said gasoline prices were a big problem."
How consistent do you think the President's vision is with the economic vision? Are there aspects of the President's vision that are likely to be associated with market failures?

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Katie Bodden said...

He said that he hopes to have most american's run their house lights on solar power?

Well what I know of solar power is that you need pretty big solar plates to pull enough power to run a light bulb. To run the whole house would seem to require huge solar panels. I'm no sure that solar panels are made of, but is he all that sure its a great idea? I mean if there was a storm the panel's could be destroyed. Not to mention the cost of getting them built, mounted, and maintained...